Why does a screw air compressor equipped with a refrigerated air dryer also produce a lot of water?

  • 2021-08-25

Why does a screw air compressor equipped with a refrigerated air dryer also produce a lot of water

In the air compressor post-processing equipment, there are mainly air storage tanks, Refrigerated Air Dryer and precision filters. Dry compressed air can ensure the smooth operation of the air system and the normal production of the air compressor.

The function of the Refrigerated Air Dryer is to remove the condensed water in the compressed air and ensure that clean and dry compressed air is discharged. After equipped with the corresponding Refrigerated Air Dryer, there is still water in the compressed air. This is due to these four reasons:

1. The air humidity around the air compressor station is very high

The air itself is humid and contains a certain amount of moisture. When compressing air, due to the high temperature inside the screw air compressor, when the air compressor unloads the pressure, the moisture directly evaporates to form water vapor. When the air compressor stops running, the temperature will drop, causing water vapor to form condensed water. Therefore, the humidity in the working environment of the screw air compressor should not be too high; otherwise, the condensate must be drained before the compressor starts to work.

screw compressor

2. Post-processing drying equipment failure

Usually, the post-drying capacity of a air dryer is a pressure dew point of 3°C. If the temperature in your workplace is below 3°C, there should be water. At this time, it is recommended to install a post-treatment drying device with a micro-heat absorbent dryer, and the pressure dew point can reach 20°C without producing water.

Refrigerated Air Dryer

3. The processing capacity of the air compressor's post-processing drying equipment is insufficient

Usually, the post-drying capacity set by the manufacturer for the user is set based on the average air consumption. If your instantaneous air consumption is large, the capacity of the post-processing drying equipment will be insufficient, which will result in water in the air.

4. The gas storage tank itself has the function of water accumulation

There is a lot of water produced in the air tank, so please don't forget to drain it manually. Open the drain valve under the gas tank regularly to drain water.

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