Why Does the Inverter Drive Motor Make Abnormal Noise?

  • 2021-04-22
         Inverters have been widely used nowadays, with mature technology and easy operation. Even if you don't have relevant technical knowledge, you can learn it quickly.

         However, during use, due to various reasons, various problems will still be encountered. Here is a simple analysis of the problem of abnormal noise from the motor when the inverter drives the motor recently encountered.

The first reason is caused by the carrier frequency of the inverter. There have been many analyses on the network for this situation. In a brief introduction, this situation is due to the high frequency noise generated in the motor due to the harmonics on the output side of the inverter. This situation can be reduced or eliminated by adjusting the carrier frequency of the inverter. Of course, the carrier frequency should not be too high. Excessive carrier frequency will cause the output side IGBT switching frequency to be too high and damage its electrical life.

The second reason is caused by the motor itself. The motor itself is an electrical and mechanical product, and the place where failures occur naturally includes the electrical and mechanical parts. There is a case of a mature machine. During the debugging process, after the motor has been running for more than one hour, it will make abnormal noises, and the noise will become louder and louder. If the machine stops and restarts after the noise occurs, the noise still exists. Unless it is waiting for the motor to cool down. Based on the above situation, basically eliminate the cause of the inverter. According to the site situation, it is judged that it is the reason of the motor itself or the supporting bearing box (the shaft end of the motor output shaft connected through the coupling, there is a self-made bearing box). Wait until the noise reappears at the scene, listen to the noise at both ends of the motor and the support bearing box, measure the temperature everywhere, and find that there is abnormal noise at the end of the motor output shaft. Confirm that there is a quality problem with the bearing at the output end of the motor. After maintenance, the abnormal noise of the motor was solved.

Through the above, it can be determined that the frequency converter drives the motor and the abnormal noise occurs. According to the noise situation and the specific conditions, it is preliminary judged whether it is an electrical or mechanical failure. According to the preliminary judgment results, the noise source is analyzed, searched, confirmed, and finally eliminated.

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